The Blistering Cool of New York

True Love

In the words of John Updike “The true New Yorker secretly believes that people living anywhere else have to be, in some sense, kidding”. And we totally get that.

Because it’s just impossible to exhaust the unending possibilities of New York; the Iconic buildings, soaring skyscrapers, authentic food scene, bars, endless shopping and everything in between. No trip to New York is ever the same as the last, and you never return home the person you were before you left.

Supersized grandeur and the immense scope of choice, New York is an experience wrapped in magnetic chaos. Hypnotic, sprawling and confidently cool, there can be no official guide to this spellbinding city.

Our Recommendations



    Dempsey & Carroll Stationers

    A short walk from the Grand Central Station, on Lexington Avenue, is a beautiful stationers that will make you nostalgic for the days of letter writing. Entering the shop itself is like stepping into the romance of the past.  Founded in 1878, Dempsey & Carroll still use old school engraving techniques, handcrafted steel dyes and copper plates, and print the most beautiful designs on quality, watermarked paper.

    Expect to find handsomely boxed stationery sets with modern motifs as well as the more classic varieties. But custom engraving your own stationery with your initials is not only the ultimate treat but the only way to really celebrate the timeless tradition of the handwritten note.

    The heritage, quality and attention to detail has afforded Dempsey & Carroll a glittering client list that has lasted generations.



    La Esquina

    There are places to drink, and there are places to get lost in. From the outside, La Esquina appears like your average Mexican diner. It’s possible to rock up here and order upstairs from a menu that sings Mexican street food under the glow of heavy neon. But to those in the know, through a hidden door marked Employees Only, is the beating pulse of the La Esquina’s underworld.

    Because down the stairs and through the steamy kitchen you enter what can only be described as a low lit Mexican dungeon. Think iron bars, stone walls, hidden spaces and a nightly rotation of live DJ’s, and then think what it feels like to have your mind blown by vibe, and you’re a little closer to getting it.

    Famed for its stunning array of margaritas, the food down here is authentic with a contemporary twist. Be sure to make a reservation because La Esquina is a noteworthy experience, loaded with ambience, that people who know about, adore.



    Russ & Daughters

    Russ & Daughters is to Jewish American food what Woody Allen is to Jewish American cinema; an institution. A 4th generation, family run business, Russ & Daughters delivers the unique flavours of New York’s Jewish American culinary heritage and repackages them in a modern way, with a respectful nod to tradition, making their latest opening at The Jewish Museum fitting.

    Expect a glossy restaurant with 1920’s accents and the deli counter they are famous for. You’ll be greeted by a sign asking you to “BE A MENSH – wait to be seated” which sets a tone continued with the menu. The roots of the menu are fish based; smoked, pickled, schmaltzed with titles that will make you giggle (The Shtetl or Yum Kippered Boards) and platters titled The Ida, The Anne and The Hattie. All the classics are here, from knishes to latkes, blintzes to chopped liver, with a generous helping of contemporary adaptation.

    Russ & Daughters is an institution within an institution and essential New York nostalgia.



    Sleep No More

    Sleep No More is next level immersive theatre that shakes up the senses in every way. Loosely based on Shakespeare’s Macbeth, this is more of an experience than a production, taking place in a multi-floored warehouse staged as a hotel.

    After a drink in the ‘hotel’ bar, guests are given a Venetian mask which they are required to wear. Entering the dark corridor, the audience are given two and a half hours to follow their characters of choice from dark floor to creepy room and unfolding drama. You are instructed not to utter a word, but silently explore the spaces, watch interpretative dance and get up close to the performers in an exhilarating, fun and memorable experience.

    But this is not for the faint hearted, its intense and dark with a lot of nudity. You will also be compelled to follow your own path and split up from your partner or friends, and its better this way as this is best explored solo. Wear comfortable shoes as you will be covering a lot of ground, most importantly, leave your inhibitions at home.