The Jewels of London

Endless Culture

One of the world’s most energetic cities, London is brimming with street corners and roads you’ll recognise even if you’ve never walked them. The pure inspiration of London has crept into our imaginations.

The cultural energy here is as international as it is English. A food culture that delivers cuisine from all corners of the globe, and five-sub regions with their own unique backdrops, London is Europe’s headline disco of creativity and design.

Edgy fashion; a leading role on the contemporary art stage; the world’s best museums; Europe’s highest concentration of artists and some of the oldest boutiques and most diverse cultural experience in the world; the magnetic pull of London is unavoidable. As the old adage goes; “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life”, as any visitor to London will eagerly confirm.

Our Recommendations



    The Colony Grill Room

    Tucked away on a quiet Mayfair street, a short walk from Selfridges is The Beaumont Hotel; a stunning Art Deco-styled hotel with the flamboyance of 1920’s London.

    When you enter the hotel, you enter into the glamorous twilight of yesteryear. The brainchild of infamous duo Corbin & King (The Ivy, The Delaunay, Brasserie Zedel, The Wolseley et al), The Colony Grill Room whisks you to a prohibition-era grill dining room, directed by F.Scott Fitzgerald; puffy leather booths, crispy white table cloths, wall friezes and flashback tableware.

    Dishes on the classic Colony Grill menu hail from both sides of the Atlantic. Think lobster à la Russe, prawn cocktail, New York hot dogs, omelette Arnold Bennett, chicken pot pie, shepherd’s pie, macaroni cheese and cute do-it-yourself ice cream sundaes. Elegant, atmospheric and hard to leave.

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    Boxpark Shoreditch

    Boxpark, the world’s first pop-up mall, seamlessly combines the approach of the modern street food market and an independent pop-up shop. Located in Shoreditch, London’s creative hub and a short walk from the iconic Brick Lane and Spitalfields Market, this sprightly area is awash with art galleries, digital media production houses, bars, clubs and quirky hotels.

    Named for the clever structure built from shipping containers, Boxpark delivers a totally new shopping experience, not least for the glowing array of lifestyle brands and independent design talent on offer. Visitors can shop, eat and immerse themselves in this creative, hipster hotspot of mural-designed walls and textile industry history.

    DJ nights, spoken word & open mic events deliver evenings rich in entertainment and inspiration in an area that still rules supreme as London’s creative playground.



    The Serpentine Galleries and the summer pavilion

    The two Serpentine Galleries, located on The Serpentine Bridge in Kensington park are among London’s most popular locations for both modern & contemporary art.

    Established in 1970, the gallery adopted its second site, designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, in 2013.
    The exhibition line-up here is always impressive, from the likes of Man Ray and Henry Moore, to Jeff Koons, Damian Hirst and Marina Abramović and all the most notable artists and movement-leaders in between.

    Exhibitions putting the focus on design and architecture are available throughout the year, none more talked about than the annual summer pavilion that The Serpentine commissions from a leading architect. With 6 months to complete the build on the lawn outside the gallery, the pavilion is open from June-October and a must-see for lovers of art & architecture. The Serpentine packs a powerful punch in terms of its global influence, the attention it receives (and the attention you’ll be glad you gave it!)



    Ham Yard

    London – full of surprises – has a habit of changing our perceptions and opening our eyes to the new. This is what you can expect from Ham Yard, a hotel with a difference. Quite a few, actually.

    Located in the heart of London’s Soho, Ham Yard weaves the glamour and sophistication of its neighbouring Mayfair with the sexy edge of Soho. More than just a hotel alone, Ham Yard is more like an urban landmark – a neighbourhood of its own within the city. With a tree-lines pedestrian walk way, 13 boutique shops, a restaurant-bar and fabulous spa, the Ham Yard hotel world is redefined by a 190 seat cinema and an original 1950’s bowling alley transported from Texas.

    Art and design are the key features that pull this magical space together into a stunning example of London cool. A beautiful roof terrace, green all year round, offers a gorgeous view over the cityscape that will also change your expectations for hotels, forevermore.